Odell Beckham hasn’t played since week five, but he’s still making waves on NFL Sundays, especially after a sideline outburst from Tom Brady in Buffalo.

Brady and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels got into a sideline shouting match after a failed third down attempt. Obviously, the two men had a bit of a vocal disagreement. Brady said it’s “just football”, but these sideline fights never look good.

On a day in which the big news is Gronk’s suspension and the house cleaning for the Giants, this has largely been swept under the rug. But imagine if Odell Beckham was the player losing his temper on the sideline, would it be a nothing story? OBJ certainly doesn’t think so.

Naturally, those comments weren’t as well accepted by some.

Beckham is right. If Tom Brady, the GOAT, can have gigantic outbursts on the sidelines with his offensive coordinator, why can’t OBJ? In all seriousness, there is a bit of a double standard with how we treat these kinds of moments from different players, especially when it comes to Brady and everyone else, but while OBJ certainly is right here, it’s evident most people didn’t want to hear these thoughts from him himself because of his history.

And the Twitter user who posed the question in the first place was definitely caught in the crossfire.

Odell Beckham is still making waves even when he’s not playing.

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