You’ve heard of off-road racing. You’ve heard of BMX racing. But, now you need to hear about an incredible sport called Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing.

The fine folks over at Jalopnik brought our attention to this new type of racing which features racers going downhill in Barbie Jeeps intended for kids.

Almost always, the result is the same. After appearing to have some control, the racer sputters out of control, flips over, destroys his racer and has to carry it to the finish line. It’s awesome. What’s even better is when two racers square off against one another, as mayhem is guaranteed.

I don’t see Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing becoming an official sport anytime soon, but that’s probably for the best. It’s redneck sensibilities is charming and fitting. Also, watching the crash as is extremely entertaining.


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