There are many words to describe your typical SEC football fan, but one of the words we’d never use to describe them is “frontrunner”. Sure, they support their conference to a degree no one else in sports does because “it just means more”, but that would usually describe messages of support on Twitter, etc., not wearing the shirt of your favorite team’s biggest rivals.

So yeah, what’s up with that? Rivalries in the SEC are blood feuds, but apparently not for this guy. And his explanation for why Tyler (an Alabama fan for the record) wore Auburn and Georgia polos:

If you go to a game as an Alabama fan in Auburn, you don’t need to wear an Auburn polo to hide it. Just wear another shirt you have that doesn’t have Alabama stuff on it, unless the only clothes you own have the Alabama “A” on it because, of course, it just means more in the SEC.

For whatever reason he decided to do this, be part of the crowd, not get attacked by drunk Auburn and Georgia fans because he went to Alabama, this isn’t the best look. SEC fans normally “support” teams in their conference to win the national championship because SEC, but they don’t outright do this. And if you didn’t know any better, Tyler would have appeared to be just another Auburn or Georgia fan if you saw some of those pictures.

We also advise Tyler not to read the comments, because hell hath no fury like SEC fans scorned because, in the SEC, it just means… more.

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