Wednesday nights are rivalry nights in the NHL, and apparently not just on the ice. As the Bruins were beating up on their biggest rivals of all, the Tampa Bay Lightning, another rivalry was brewing in the stands.

It’s safe to say that whatever these people were fighting about was not worth a haymaker in the face, because it’s still November. The Bruins have won five of six! What’s there to be this angry about?

Because this is 2017 and everyone has a video camera in their pocket, these fights that have gone around for years in the stands are now caught on video, to shame these people for being complete and utter morons.

Enterprising fans also caught the walk of shame out of the seating bowl for the two combatants, and it is glorious.

Lesson to fans: there isn’t much worth getting into a fight over at a hockey game, and there is even less worth throwing haymakers at a woman for.

Rivalry night: it’s not just on the ice anymore.

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