There is no debating that 2017 is weird. It has been stated on this website many times over. Near the very top of the list in 2017 oddities is the beef between LaVar Ball and the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

It all started when Ball’s son, LiAngelo was arrested while UCLA was in China for a game. LiAngelo and two of his teammates were arrested shoplifting.

The United States had to step in to make sure that they made it back to America safely. President Trump wanted to be personally thanked for what he did to get those players released. Naturally, that didn’t go as planned and the two have feuded in the media and via Twitter ever since.

Now LaVar is trying to put an end to the beef and he sent a pair of Big Baller Brand shoes to the commander-in-chief.

Other than constantly stating that his Los Angeles Lakers playing son Lonzo is better than Steph Curry, Lavar was telling everyone that they were in the mail.

The White House told TMZ Sports they have not yet received the shoes but are currently “trying to track them down.”

If this means that we get a public unboxing and Donald Trump walks around the White House in ZO2’s then this may all be worth it (not really). But for now, enjoy Darren Rovell awkwardly unboxing his 9.5 size ZO2’s.


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