SodaStream is a company that produces products that carbonate any drink you like to make soda out of them. Despite that, most enterprising people around the globe have been trying to use SodaStream to make booze out of basically everything without actually having to go to the liquor store, and most people have failed.

However, if this is something that has rankled you for a while, the company has finally answered your prayers, because they’ve introduced a “Sparkling Gold” mix, which is an alcoholic concentrate that can literally turn water into wine (cheap bottom shelf Riesling, but if the shoe fits).

It’s not what we’d call “biblical”, but this mixer, when added with five parts sparkling water, will turn water into wine. We assume you could add more if you wanted to if you wanted your sparkling water to shine a little more after you’re through with it. The company claims to have taste tested the new product in Germany and 76 out of 100 compared the resulting soup of sparkling wine and alcohol concentrate actually tasted like high-quality French champagne, because the Germans don’t know any better, apparently.

Before you take this whole contraption with you to the Sea of Galilee (this is an Israeli company), it’s only being sold online in Germany at present. So if you’re that desperate to turn water into wine like a certain resident of Nazareth may have once done, head to Germany or buy a German VPN and you yourself may one day be able to turn water into wine.

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