The drama surrounding the Buffalo Bills has been all about the quarterback position and who would be starting. Instead of worrying about Nathan Peterman and Tyrod Taylor, they should be worrying about their wide receiver Zay Jones. The man may be a witch.

While this claim may seem unfounded, the tape doesn’t lie and folks, we can’t get over how creepy it actually is to watch in real time. For those that are going to inevitably ask, no, these videos have not been edited.

Zay Jones floats back to his feet and we cannot stop watching ?

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I’m not a big “God” guy but there is definitely some foul play going on here. What exactly did Jones do here? Did he levitate? Did he use some sort of telekinesis to allow himself to stand? Either way, the deal with the devil has been made.

Don’t be surprised if the Bills begin to be described as a team of destiny. Because otherworldly powers may be at play here.

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