Your guess is as good as mine as to what the heck that headline actually means. In addition to selling fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and biscuits, KFC has also sold a number of weird gadgets that make great fodder for articles like this. Some have included an iPhone, a box of chicken with a built-in charging station, and a video game controller, but we’ve got a new champion of weird here: the internet escape pod.

You may be asking yourself, and wisely so, what in the world is a KFC internet escape pod? Well, it’s a faraday cage with Colonel Sanders’ giant arms extending around the contraption, with a drumstick-shaped door and eight pounds of foam, stainless steel mesh and enamel paint. All of this is designed to keep internet and wifi signals out so you can spend some time with your best friends in the arms of Colonel Sanders eating your $5 real meals. And all for the cool price of $10,000.

So if you’re incredibly desperate to get away from the horrors of the internet and the modern world, and want to do so with Colonel Sanders’ blessing, there’s one model available, and it costs as much as a decently used Honda Civic. If that gets your blood pumping, go for it.

Meanwhile, I’m going to cut myself off from the internet by going on a hike, taking a drive, or reading a book, all which cost far less than buying a Colonel Sanders faraday cage.

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