A bunch of wacky stuff happens on Inside the NBA, to the benefit of everyone watching. Naturally, with this being the final edition of the show before Thanksgiving, the gang was charged with preparing some turkeys. And then, shenanigans happened:

Shaq was attempting to “dunk” a crew member’s head into a bowl for reasons unknown and it didn’t go well. And as revenge said crew member picked up a raw turkey and threw it at him. Better than that, he got a direct hit.

Look at Shaq’s reaction when he knows he just got plunked in the head with a raw turkey. Even he can barely believe what has transpired here, and all sorts of weird nonsense will happen on Inside the NBA. And yes Kenny Smith, we need a t-shirt made of this moment immediately. Or, at least a GIF we can watch over and over again of Shaq getting hit in the head with a turkey in slow motion.

Amazingly, this is par for the course for this show. And it’s awesome.

[Terez Owens]

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