WWE wrestler Ric Flair is the topic du jour this month as his 30for30 came out and his sexual escapades have been widely discussed. He referred to his penis as “Space Mountain” and that he has slept with over “10,000 women.”

Another famously smooth man has weighed in and believes that Ric Flair is full of it. That man is Aerosmith’s lead singer Steven Tyler.

Tyler says that Flair is “full of shit” when asked about the number. When pressed to see if Tyler could come up with a number of his own, he said that he was “too busy getting high.”

Not saying that it sounds like a cop-out but it sounds like a cop-out to me.

The recent trend of former pop culture icons coming out and discussing their sex lives is both odd and fascinating.

Are we going to see this from signer Justin Bieber or actor Tom Holland years from now? It doesn’t seem likely to me. Any opportunity to talk about your former conquests is an open invitation to talk about oneself and most can’t resist that temptation.

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