Things might be starting to turn around for the defending Western Conference champs, the Nashville Predators. They won their last two games against the Ducks and Kings, acquired Kyle Turris to give them more scoring depth, and seem to be headed in the right direction. But there’s a cloud in every silver lining; maybe a few Predators enjoyed themselves too much.

After their win over the Kings, the Preds were signing a few autographs and mingling with fans before heading back to the hotel. Unfortunately, a few members of the Preds traveling party may have been enjoying themselves too much, and the team bus nearly left without them.

As this hilarious TMZ Sports video shows, the two that were left behind had to bust their lungs just to get the bus to stop for them. Luckily, it did, or otherwise, they’d be stuck in LA having to play for the Kings, probably.

Sadly, we can’t tell who those players are from just this video, but we’re sure they got laughed at by the rest of the team for almost being left behind. We know it’s not Kyle Turris, at the very least.

No Predator left behind, even when they’re taking too long.

[TMZ Sports]

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