For some, being a Buffalo Bills fan comes with a near-instant membership to Bills Mafia.

The group – famous for tailgating, getting drunk and jumping through cheap tables – is a very visible part of the NFL team’s fandom. So much so, one Bills fan decided to introduce his newborn baby in the cutest way imaginable.

Wrapped in a Buffalo Bills blanket, this little baby is gently dropped through a table by his dad. Snapping it in two, the baby is christened into the church of Bills Mafia.

Now, when he’s old enough to make his own decisions, he’ll likely be jumping through tables at tailgate parties to prove how cool he is to fellow Bills fans – but hopefully, not while the table is on fire.

Personally, I don’t understand Bills Mafia. Getting drunk and jumping through tables doesn’t sound fun. However, for some Bills fans, it’s an important part of their fandom. As long as they’re not getting hurt (and even when they do, it’s their own fault) let them have their fun.

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