Steph Curry is a human trick shot. Case and point, this ridiculous bucket.

The Golden State point guard decided to shoot some hoops on Monday from the Warriors bench with one hand. If that degree of difficulty isn’t enough, he also did it while filming with his other hand.

Curry posted his angle, and jeez, it looks way too easy.

Curry is a special player with the ability to get buckets practically anywhere on the court. He can pull up from the near-half court and swish like it’s a simple jumper. As he proved here, he can also make a shot from the bench while recording on his phone.

Imagine playing H.O.R.S.E. against him, it’s an automatic loss.

In another life, Curry would make an excellent Harlem Globetrotter. Although, I’m sure he’s content with his $200+ million max contract he got this summer from the Warriors. What a player.

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