Like most of the general public, ESPN host Michelle Beadle is really tired hearing about LaVar Ball’s shenanigans getting air-time on her employer’s network.

On Sports Nation yesterday, Beadle discussed Ball – the motor mouth father of Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball – appearing on ESPN after his son’s debut. Beadle didn’t hold back, calling Ball a “clown” and questioned the decision of her own network to allow him to speak post-game.

I mean, is she wrong?

“Let the kid have his career and go away. Your shoes are garbage, your logo’s garbage, your garbage, let your kid play.” 

Beadle’s words may seem strong, but it’s not at all surprising she’s frustrated with her network making LaVar Ball a regular thing – even during live coverage of Lakers games. Ball’s act – while occasionally entertaining – is played out. But, ESPN knows putting him on the air will bring in viewers (at least on YouTube), so they keep doing it. Is it a bad look? Sure. Does ESPN capitalize by putting Ball on-air even if it jives with their credibility? Absolutely – especially with the always shocked Stephen A. Smith.

It’s refreshing honesty from Beadle, even if she’s resorting to name-calling. It’s time to get LaVar off TV and let Lonzo and his considerable skill do the talking.

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