Mitch McGary isn’t the only athlete who likes to spend a little time away from their chosen sport. Whilst the basketball player is busy sharpening up his bowling skills, other sporting icons have gotten involved in everything from recording music and casino games, to even helping save our planet!

Mathieu Flamini may be known as a midfield soccer dynamo who enjoyed top level success with European clubs like Arsenal and Marseille, but he has also spent an increasing amount of time trying to find sustainable alternatives to oil-based products through his partnership in the GFBiochemicals firm.


But Flamini isn’t the only sporting ace to spend their spare time productively, as the retired NBA star, Karl Malone, has been repeatedly spotted doing a little truck-driving in his own 72-foot-long 18-wheeler!

If that was a surprising career choice, then think about the Formula One motor racing star, Lewis Hamilton, who’s spent an increasing amount of time in the studio chasing his musical dreams. And although Hamilton’s musical efforts may have appeared to have been put on hold whilst he chases his fourth Formula One Championship title, NFL stars like Lance Briggs have enjoyed creative endeavours like comic book writing as a way to relax away from the gridiron.

Although our NFL stars are prohibited from going anywhere near a casino, the same isn’t so for the world’s top soccer players. Take legendary strikers Neymar and Ronaldo who have repeatedly made high-profile appearances at the famous Poker Stars competitions.

It seems that these legendary players love to flaunt their glamorous lifestyles with some high-stakes gambling – definitely something a little more stylish than the ultra-nerdy Dungeons and Dragons gaming enjoyed by San Antonio Spurs legend Tim Duncan!

Tiger Woods might be having a nightmare year both on and off the gold course, but he’s always got the possibility of taking time out with his fairly bizarre hobby – spearfishing!

But we had to save the best for last as the legendary boxer Mike Tyson has found plenty of surprising ways to stay entertained in his post sporting career. This is because when the boxing legend isn’t doing spoken word tours around the casinos, then he apparently likes nothing better than to do a little pigeon whispering!