In the ever-expanding chronicles of “As the Ball Family Turns”, today we’re focusing not on Lonzo or LaVar, but LaMelo. Now he’s recently dropped out of Chino Hills high school to be homeschooled before his inevitable one season at UCLA, but that doesn’t seem to be affecting his basketball skills. In fact, dropping out may have made him angrier and flashier, as this video demonstrates.

That’s a pretty emphatic dunk, but windmill dunks aren’t really stories anymore because anybody with a camera can film themselves doing this. What LaMelo says after shaking the rim, that his old high school Chino Hills, “is gonna suck now that I’m gone”, is more notable.

And because it’s not a Ball family story without LaVar popping up somewhere, towards the end of the video, he chimes in with, “Mark my words: Without Melo, they losing.”

LaVar Ball is quite possibly mad, but there’s a method to his madness. And if LaMelo is making dunks like this for Steve Alford at UCLA in two years, then we’re all going to have to begrudgingly acknowledge LaVar is right.

That’s a little annoying.

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