Technology is growing exponentially. We are so used to the new developments even big jumps in technology are now viewed as commonplace. Depending on who you talk to, it can be a good idea or a bad idea. Amazon may be crossing over into really uncomfortable territory for some.

CNBC says that “Amazon is developing a smart doorbell device that could give delivery drivers one-time access to a person’s home to drop off a package.” It is only a rumor for now and Amazon wouldn’t comment on it but it appears that they are on that pathway.

Amazon is in talks with a company called Pharme that uses various technologies for your vehicle like the “smart” license plate holder that will hold your keys if necessary. The technology that Amazon would be using would be very similar. The hope is that either via the house or via the car that similar technology could be used to give access.

It is a scary thought that Amazon could have access to your home. Although it is possible that it will only be a drone, could you imagine the people that are trying to follow the drone to your location to gain access? The entire endeavor sounds like a logistical nightmare.

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