Everyone is attached to their cell phones because they aren’t just phones anymore in 2017; they do everything. But your new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Note (or in my case, a Blackberry), aren’t also fidget spinners at the same time. So if you want a phone that looks like the old Nokia Bricks from 2000 and is also a fidget spinner, well, the world has you covered.

Hong Kong-based company Chilli International has created a fidget phone, which right now is only being sold in India. Though this is just being brought to our attention right now, which means we aren’t doing our jobs as we should, our friends at PhoneRadar went hands-on with the fidget phone in September.

The little phone has a 1.4-inch screen, has 32MB of internal memory (though this can be expanded up to 8GB with a memory card) and comes in six colors. And… that’s about it. By 2006 standards this phone is really basic, with its only attractive feature outside of doing the basic phone tasks is that it’s also a fidget spinner. It doesn’t even have apps (which my Blackberry amazingly does). But for those of us in India (and those of us who will buy anything off of Amazon), these fidget phones cost $20, so if you just want to make phone calls and then spin the stress of those calls away, well, here is the product for you.

The fidget spinner craze of 2017 seems to thankfully be dying down a bit, but if more products like this come around, maybe the craze isn’t quite dead yet.

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