Markelle Fultz is a highly touted point guard who was the first pick in the 2017 draft. But, if he was drafted based on his free throw form alone, Fultz wouldn’t have been drafted at all.


Well, the weird form might be for good reason as Fultz has been dealing with a shoulder injury. Still, the awful form pales in comparison to his old motion.

Let 76ers coach Brett Brown explain:

“I think his shoulder is affecting him more than he lets on,” coach Brett Brown told “You can tell with his free throw, you know, trying to get that ball up. Its follow from his body.

“But he’s been working on just trying to get that thing rehabilitated.”

It’s easy to make fun of Fultz form because it’s horrific. However, factoring in he’s playing through some considerable pain, it’s understandable why his shot looks like garbage.

Fultz is a talented player with a likely All-Star future in Philadelphia. His shot will come back to something resembling normalcy eventually. For now, let’s hope he can get his form back and track and make this nightmarish shooting stroke a thing of the past.

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