The New York Giants have been one of the most disappointing teams in all of the NFL this year. To top it all off, they had four receivers get injured during their most recent game.

TMZ had an opportunity to catch up with super fan and short-lived White House staffer Anthony Scaramucci to ask about their season.

“The Mooch” was asked about Odell Beckham Jr. and his most recent injury. Scaramucci lets his frustrations be known and instead of talking about the player, he talked about the Giants themselves. “Well, I’m more disappointed about the 0-5 record. It’s been a disaster this year. They’re done now,” he said.

Making things even weirder, he brought up Barstool Sports seemingly out of nowhere. He didn’t mention an article they’ve written or anything like that. Scaramucci just said their name almost as a PR attempt. He then rambled off a couple of stats about the likelihood of the Giants making the playoffs.

He didn’t just stop with football, he also weighed in on the MLB playoffs. Specifically, the New York Yankees. “They’ve got the bats to win, it depends on the pitching”, Scaramucci said about the Yankees before driving off.

If there is one thing you can say about him, it is that he is chock full of opinions. Good and bad.

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