Being a quarterback in the NFL is hard. You won’t get any disputes here. Watching quarterbacks struggle through a game though feels like a time-honored tradition. It normally ends with grandpa or an uncle saying that “I could’ve thrown a ball better than that!” In the case of this Matt Cassel throw, your relative may have a point.

To be completely fair to Cassel, he got demolished during the game and he was still trying to recover from bone-crushing hits.

So maybe your grandpa couldn’t have sat in the pocket and taken hits like Cassel. Nonetheless, it is insane how the same retread quarterbacks consistently get opportunities while boom or bust players don’t even get a whiff. Cassel had a great season with the New England Patriots a decade or so ago. After that, nothing to write home about.

Why not try someone new and let them get the chance. What is the worst thing that can happen? At the very worst you end up with a result like this past Sunday.


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