Each year the amount technology moves forward is so unbelievable that certain applications feel like commonplace. As we continue to move forward as a society, it makes you wonder, what in the heck is next.

Google is trying to figure that out and they are doing it by adding different technologies into the public sphere. One of their more recent creations is the augmented reality sticker. They are exclusively on their phone, the Pixel and they are virtual reality-based without needing a headset.

You will be able to place different characters into different situations and those characters will interact with one another. One of the biggest additions is the themed characters that will be part of it including Stranger Things and Star Wars. You can place Eleven next to a Demogorgon and she will beat it before your very eyes.

The real-life applications for this aren’t really present yet but it is fun enough that you could see people losing hours making videos with these characters right by there side. It will add different levels to video making and could ensure that Google is at the forefront if they continue to develop at this pace.

For now, you’ll get to hang out with Stranger Things characters and that may be enough for some.

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