LSU losing to Troy in football was one of the biggest upsets of the season if not the year. The Sunbelt conference isn’t horrible by any stretch but it isn’t like they beat the SEC often.

So when Troy was beginning to win and clear out a path that they were going to defeat the LSU Tigers, some players weren’t necessarily sportsmanlike.

I am not the biggest fan of sportsmanship but even this feels like it is crossing the line. We first have a grab at his privates and pointing at the fans watching. Then we have a middle finger that is used at will. I mean he is really flipping the bird here.

They say that to the victors go the spoils but if you’re a fan watching this you have to be horrified. This has to be worse than any last second Les Miles loss that has been suffered. Troy came in, won and then subsequently danced on your grave. Does it get much worse than that?

Head coach Ed Orgeron is going to need to rally the troops if he wants to have a job by the end of the year. This is not a good look.

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