A stolen UHaul is making the news in Washington D.C. as it was used as an instrument to ram into an ATM at Nationals Park.  It appears that they were able to knock over the ATM and displace it but were unable to get any money out.

The oddest part about the robbery itself is the visibility of it all. This isn’t hidden from anyone and it is going to be seen by anyone in the area. Why in the heck would you try and attempt to do this?

The FBI and police say that four suspects are involved and that multiple cameras were present in the area. As of this writing, the suspects have not been apprehended and are still at large. It also appears that second vehicle was present in the area and was used to flee the scene.

This seems more like a plot to a movie than an actual attempt at a robbery. Nonetheless, you have to appreciate the logic used here. They must have thought that the money was going to explode out of the ATM and they were going to be able to pick up the money that spilled out. Unfortunately for them, this isn’t like the movies.

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