Sports management isn’t as easy as it sounds. You can’t just attach your name to a product and hope that it works out for the best. Hard work is needed to nab the best of the best.

Lil Wayne started Young Money Sports in hopes that the biggest athletes in the world would want to work with him in the same way that many of the rappers of today worked with him. Collaboration means that both sides get to make money and profit.

It hasn’t gone exactly as planned but Lil Wayne’s Young Money Sports may have found their golden goose. His name is Erickson “The Hammer” Lubin and he is 21 years old and is currently undefeated at 18-0-0. He is also slated to fight for the WBC light middleweight title on October 14.

Trying to project boxers is a tough proposition especially when the pop-up and then go away in a moments notice. They’re betting on him turning into a superstar. It seems to be the strategy of the company as they have signed high upside athletes like Dede Westbrook and Frank Mason.

None of the names are tearing up their respective sports but the potential is there. You have to start somewhere and Lubin may be the star they need to put them on the map.

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