The Portland Trail Blazers of the early 2000’s may be one of the most interesting basketball teams ever. So many different players and personalities were on those teams all capped off with Rasheed Wallace in the middle of it. Another key part of the team, Bonzi Wells, was just as polarizing and just as exciting.

It only makes the news of his recent heart attack and hospitalization all the more shocking. The former star guard played 10 seasons in the NBA.

After being hospitalized, he sent a message to The Star Press, his local newspaper updating his status: “I’m OK had a minor heart attack. Small clot hit bottom part of the heart. Had surgery so I’m back to 100% no restrictions.”

Wells recently came back into the spotlight when he participated in Ice Cube’s basketball league, the Big3. At 40 years old and a summer filled with lots of travel, it made for a busy summer.

Let’s hope Wells makes a quick recovery and we get to see him in next season’s iteration of the Big3.

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