Golf takes patience and it takes mental fortitude that not many players have. It is why you see so many professional golfers lose their touch after blazing their way onto the scene.

Two players that have stuck around are Justin Thomas and Rickie Fowler. Both are young and brash but they are also fantastic golfers. Not to mention while competitors, they are friends off of the course too.

Thomas just won the 2017 FedEx Cup and with that win comes a $10 million dollar paycheck. Not bad for a full season’s work! To celebrate the win, Fowler surprised Thomas with a champagne shower of a lifetime and made sure that he wasn’t ever going to forget the night when he won the Cup.

How’s it taste, @justinthomas34?!? ? ? ? (vía Snapchat/rickiefowler15)

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That amount of money is unfathomable. If it were myself celebrating the win, I would go on a bender of epic proportions. You wouldn’t see me for a few weeks. That is likely why they are professional athletes and I am just a blogger.

Not to mention, I don’t have a goal list like Thomas had before this season.

Have yourself an offseason, Justin Thomas!

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