If you have had one too many beers or have had to fart and weren’t sure of your abilities, you can sympathize with Chris Godwin.

Godwin is a wide receiver with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and in his rookie season, he is trying to make a name for himself. His quarterback Jameis Winston didn’t have a great day and the Bucs eventually ended up losing to a short-handed Vikings team.

While the loss may sting it appears Godwin had to deal with a little more than avoiding tackles and running routes. He had to clean up his underwear a bit.

That definitely looks like the tell-tale sign of a poop stain. Apparently, the flu was going through the Bucs facility and many, many players came down with it. That could be a reason for Godwin’s wardrobe malfunction.

Godwin would go on to change his pants and continue on with his day. He had three catches on the day for 44 yards, not a bad days work. Including a pair of soiled trousers, he may have achieved a milestone of sorts.

As someone with irritable bowel disease, I am not here to judge the former Penn State standout. I am here to provide guidance. The first step? Fess up and own the poop pants. Get out in front of it all. That is one way to quiet the haters.

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