The growth for phone applications has always been startling. Once it catches on, it is like wildfire. Instagram is one of those apps. Snapchat was always a direct competitor to the brand and after introducing Stories, they may have put them in the rearview mirror.

Instagram is reaching 800 million monthly users and 500 million daily users, according to CNBC. Those may seem enormous in their own right but after putting out Stories, they have seen an increase of 160% in daily active users. That is around 200 million users.

To compare to Snapchat’s daily active users, they nearly triple their usage. Snapchat has a reported 173 million daily active users. Over the past year, Snapchat only has a growth of 30 million daily active users compared to the year before.

The race between photo apps has been fierce and the base users of Instagram has already been large but Snapchat looks like it is being left in the dust. Both are widely recognizable brands with millions of users. The issue is that when you aren’t the best, you’re often forgotten.

As long as the two brands continue to compete, it should be good for the marketplace. They are both having to innovate to grow and the consumers are coming out ahead.

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