Marshawn Lynch is back in the NFL and he is having the time of his life. He is dancing all over the sidelines and scoring touchdowns. The league is home to him and he is doing a fantastic job of playing with the Oakland Raiders.

This dance he did upset the New York Jets and now it is being turned into merchandise you can buy. You can buy a t-shirt, you can buy a towel or you can buy a hat. This is capitalism at its finest right here.

The weirdest item that you can buy is this shower curtain that is going for…$100. Yeah, your guess is as good as mine.

Our friends over at Busted Coverage dug around the site and found that the cheapest item that you can go home with is a phone case. It looks like you can get it for $20. While I am not a Raiders fan by any stretch, this may be the best spin-off of a moment from a game for quite some time.

This had the internet talking and it had the league buzzing. It was only made better that the Jets’ players were upset by the dancing.

You can go to his website here to grab a keepsake or two.

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