As technology continues to move forward in regard to automobiles, the electric car looks to be one of the biggest innovations yet.

Tesla set the stage and other companies are beginning to follow suit. Mercedes-Benz is about to invest a lot in the United States, $1 billion to be exact but what the hell does that even mean in the grand scheme?

Compared to Ford, who made a pledge of $4.5 billion, this is just a drop in the bucket. Mercedes-Benz has not only made a commitment in the United States, they’ve made an even bigger commitment back in their home country of Germany.

The new commitment in the U.S. will include batteries that will be made at the Tuscaloosa, Alabama plant. The plant has built mostly SUV’s in the past but they are hoping to expand. The money is expected to bring in over 600 jobs in addition to the production according to the Automotive News.

These vehicles won’t be 100% electric, they’ll be electrified referring to hybrids and other electric-based motors.

It is tough to put into context exactly what this means when dealing with a number as big as a billion. Sure, the number looks nice and it is a step in the right direction but will the impact be as widespread as they are hoping? They hope to fulfill their commitment by 2022, by then we will get a better sense of the impression it has left.

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