Two non-NBA pro basketball leagues are fighting and it just got a lot nastier.

According to TMZ, BIG3 – Ice Cube’s league featuring an array of former NBA players – is suing the Champions League (not the soccer one) for defamation, after the former accused BIG3 of attributing to the league’s struggle by poaching players who had agreements in place with the league.

“The issue is that Big3 violated the agreement that players would be able to play in both leagues even though all the players had prior agreements with the Champions League.”

TMZ reports the BIG3 never had a deal with the Champions League and that they didn’t block anyone who had deals with the other league from playing. Adding further insult to injury, BIG3 claims the Champions League is “a serial con-artist, fraudster, and ponzi-schemer”

If the Champions League was struggling to find an audience or market before, BIG3 suing them won’t help their cause. But, if the Champions League did defame the league publicly, there’s a case to be had if the former is speaking the truth.

So continue not watching either league. The courts will sort out this mess.


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