Being an Olympian is all about being the best of the best. Many athletes train for years and it can culminate in one moment. So excuse the athletes that take their training seriously.

Swiss freestyle skier Adri Ragettli has shared his most recent workout in anticipation of the Olympics and it is safe to say I won’t be doing this routine anytime soon.

He shows off his balance and athletic ability in one fell swoop. But all I could think about while watching it was my favorite clip from The Office.

This potential Olympic skier doesn’t even have to be at a training facility to make sure he gets a work out in. He can just go for a jaunt around an industrial park. Andy, Dwight, and Michael showed us the proper way of getting it done.

In all seriousness, the skills it takes to be able to pull off such jumps is not present in many athletes. It is impressive to see such a different way to get your training done, especially when you see basketball and football stars doing such strength intensive workouts.


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