Floyd Mayweather is on top of the world after beating Conor McGregor and taking home hundreds of millions of dollars. He is also making controversial statements about the United States’s commander in chief.

In a two-part interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Mayweather touched on a variety of topics. Mostly about beefs that he has started and squashed. In the second part of the interview, he talks about the infamous “pussy grabbing” tirade from Donald Trump. Trump and Mayweather reportedly have an ongoing relationship as friends.

Here is Mayweather when asked about Trump’s incident with Billy Bush:

“People don’t like the truth… He speak like a real man spoke. Real men speak like, ‘Man, she had a fat ass. You see her ass? I had to squeeze her ass. I had to grab that fat ass.’ Right? So he talking locker room talk. Locker room talk. ‘I’m the man, you know what I’m saying? You know who I am. Yeah, I grabbed her by the pussy. And?’

The comments made by Mayweather are frankly unacceptable. As a public figure, he has made waves for his stances on various topics but this takes the cake.

Mayweather also stated that he doesn’t believe people should protest Trump and should stop complaining as well. While those thoughts aren’t nearly as controversial, he isn’t going to gain any new fans with his thinking.


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