When you’re a billionaire, not many people are going to tell you no. Alibaba’s CEO and Asia’s richest man Jack Ma is the exact product of that.

To celebrate the 18th anniversary of the company, Ma came out and was dressed as close to Michael Jackson as a human possibly can. He danced to Jackson’s “Billy Jean” and put on quite a show. He also did this in front of 40,000 of his employees.

The video couldn’t be any more bizarre if it tried. This feels like a parody when in reality it couldn’t be more real. This isn’t the first time Ma did something like this. He also sang the Lion King theme song live in concert to all of his employees back in 2009.

Please take note of the white hair and the mohawk he is rocking. Having to watch this feels like an episode of Black Mirror or the Twilight Zone come to life.

The videos give me a mix of a couple significant feelings. The first being second-hand pain as watching him do this is the most cringe-worthy exercise in the world. The second being that this guy has so much confidence he can literally do whatever he wants.

It looks like money can buy some attributes but unfortunately not a singing ability.

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