Tragic news in Texas this weekend, as Fox 4 News reports seven people were killed during a Dallas Cowboys watch party after a man opened fire after an argument.

Police spokesman Dave Tiley told the Dallas Morning News that gunshots were heard at eight p.m. All seven victims of the shooting were adults. According to the Washington Post, two additional people were injured in the shooting.

Allison Harris of Fox 4 News caught up with a witness, who said she heard a loud argument turn deadly. According to her, when people started leaving the building, gunshots started going off.

“They argued and you could hear it getting really, really loud,” the witness said. “You could tell there was something about to happen. Once people started coming outside, that’s when he let off the rounds. … I heard guns and a lot of screaming.”

The gunman was later shot on the scene and killed by police. Victims names haven’t been released. It’s a tragic, senseless action that led to the loss of life. Without knowing what the argument was about, it doesn’t negate the result. Rest in peace.

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