Dylan Wagner, a 19-year-old with too much time on his hands (aren’t we all like that on the internet now no matter the age), was the sleuth who tipped the FBI in helping find Tom Brady’s stolen Super Bowl jersey. Robert Kraft has decided to reward this young man for his detective skills with not just tickets to tonight’s opener against the Chiefs, but a brand new Tom Brady jersey and sideline passes too.

No word yet on whether he’ll be carried into the stadium on a golden carriage while also on a bed of swan’s feathers, but we wouldn’t put it past Robert Kraft to do that as well.

Could you expect the owner of the most successful team in recent NFL history to do anything less for the Sherlock Holmes of our time who helped solve one of the greatest mysteries of our time: finding the jersey in which Tom Brady completed the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history which was oddly enough stolen by a Mexican journalist?

That was a sentence. And everything in that sentence was 100% true. Remember, Wagner, tipped the FBI to the thief by doing a few searches on eBay. And today in Boston, he’s being treated as a hero.

The internet is a wild, wonderful and wacky place sometimes. Remember kids, the next time a famous piece of sports memorabilia is stolen, search on eBay. Maybe it could be you getting free tickets from Dan Gilbert and a signed LeBron jersey.

It could happen.

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