Art is in the eye of beholder much like beauty. You can stick out in a variety of ways or you can be subtle. Or in the case of one artist, you can just do whatever the heck you want.

A Chinese artist named Guo Cheng has been working on a creation that will be the envy of all sneakerheads. He is using Jordan 1s as a brush and he is creating a memorable piece of work.

The final product is pretty amazing but it feels silly to use the shoes to make a statement like this. Chang is obviously a very good artist, this just feels like an excuse to be purposely obtuse. Why the heck ruin a perfectly good shoe?

Then again, who am I to question an artist and his motives. The best piece of artwork I ever put together was a portrait of Adam Morrisson (yes, the Gonzaga superstar) in middle school and received a C+ for it. So maybe this is just another layer to the art’s story and the process makes it that much better.


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