Fights aren’t uncommon at football games, as the mix of high-energy sports and booze can cause some select fans to throw down. However, at last weekend’s Alabama-FSU game, it appears a fan crossed the line big time.

It’s hard to fully gauge what’s going on without context, but at the game outside the stadium, the video was captured (and posted by FSUBarstool) of a fight breaking out. In the midst of the tussle, a woman comes in and is immediately thrown to the ground.

It’s hard to watch so NSFW warning from this point onward.

Regardless of what was said, obviously, throwing a woman to the ground for any reason is completely unacceptable. That really doesn’t need to be reiterated.

Hopefully, security handled the moron who threw the woman down and he was promptly arrested. It takes a special kind of stupid to hurt a woman. Thankfully, the whole incident was recorded so there’s proof out there that should help get the man who committed the act charged.

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