You can never have too much of a good thing. Whether it is a movie, food or maybe even a simple jersey, you can’t go wrong.

The Kalamazoo Wings, an ECHL hockey team are going to be wearing a jersey inspired by the movie the Mighty Ducks. The result is fantastic and if these mock ups are any indication, these are going to be must have jerseys.

It is good to see that they have gone with this iteration of the uniforms. The Mighty Ducks in the movie and in the NHL have had multiple great designs but something about this jersey just screams perfection.

If you are feeling a hint of nostalgia at all, you’ll need to go to the Wings’ game against the Toledo Walleye on December 22. Heck, you should even try to nab a jersey off of a player if they are willing. These are going to be a collector’s item before long.

It begs the question, how the heck have the Anaheim Ducks avoided these throwbacks for so long, they are universally beloved and people would buy them in an instant. Don’t be dumb and let an idea like this sit on the shelf, let the public enjoy them in all of their glory.

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