Being an NBA champion means you get to have your cake and eat it too. The world is yours for the taking and everyone wants to hear about the journey to the very top. Kevin Durant is finding that out this summer as he has appeared all over different media spaces including podcasts and television shows.

Durant recently found his way over to YouTube and then made his way to many of the more popular channels on the site. His pivotal appearance was on First We Feast’s Hot Ones. The show has seen multiple athletes and musicians come through and try to take on the spices that the show throws at them.

After being told that Kevin Love has been on the show and made it through every single wing on the plate, the competitiveness turns up.

Durant does a good job of making it through and answering all of the questions although it got questionable at the end. He even says that he would eat them normally but would only make “like four.”

So not only did he get past it all, he is also tempting the spice gods by wanting to come back for more. That is the championship attitude you like to see.

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