Former New York Knicks guard Stephon Marbury knows a thing about shoes. He successfully launched “Starbury” shoes back in the mid-2000’s, debuting affordable shoes for $14.98 a pair. The Big Baller Brand didn’t learn from Starbury’s affordable sneakers, releasing overpriced shoes worth more than $400.

When asked his opinion on the BBB shoes by the New York Post, Marbury said he’s all for the Ball’s having their own shoe brand, but the asking price is “brainless.”

“When I see a sneaker for over $400, for me, that’s kind of brainless because it doesn’t cost that much to make,” Marbury said while addressing NYU students in New York City on Wednesday. “I like the idea of them wanting to own their own brand. I do like that idea, just not for the price tag.”

I mean, he’s not wrong.

What made Marbury and Shaquille O’Neal awesome, was the fact they released branded shoes at affordable prices – in the midst of their stardom. The Ball’s, meanwhile, release shoes for the sons at ridiculous prices, even at the expense of LaMelo’s eligibility. There’s little integrity, it’s all about profit-gouging.

“Brainless,” is the perfect word for it, because how the BBB prices their shoes it doesn’t make much sense.

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