Baseball can be boring. As a former player myself, I can readily admit that the game has its dull moments. Keeping yourself entertained for the game is half of the battle.

The triple AAA affiliate of the Chicago Cubs, the Iowa Cubs has a player that knows how to keep himself entertained.

Taylor Davis, the catcher for the Iowa-based minor league club can find a camera on a dime. He doesn’t waste his opportunity to make a face when he gets a chance. Most of the time though, it is a thousand mile stare right through the camera.

It would be okay if you grew skeptical of his abilities if they kept coming at him from the same angle. They change it up and Davis still is able to nail it. Sheer boredom seems to be the inspiration here but if you have ever played baseball, there is always one or two oddballs in the bunch.

We can only hope that Davis makes it to the major league level so he can stare down multiple cameras in an evening. I’m talking Sunday Night Baseball so he can show off his chops nationwide. There is no doubt that he deserves the exposure.


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