By now, you know ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith’s schtick. He argues loudly with another personality and you’re captivated for a period of time as they debate the week’s topics. He has cornered the market and turned it into a cottage industry.

Smith was brought out to Las Vegas for the Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor fight. While the fight itself was fairly entertaining, the fireworks started to fly afterwards when recapping the fight.

Teddy Atlas, who is the resident expert on ESPN for all of boxing wasn’t taking Smith’s shots. The banter was ridiculous but the surreal nature made the conversation all the more interesting.

Atlas said that McGregor made Mayweather who is normally a gourmet chef into a “fast order cook.”  That only made Smith all the more excited to run with this analogy.

The reaction of both Steve Levy and Chael Sonnen says it all. Sonnen is never short for words and he is watching in awe of the two losing their minds talking about different types of meat. If Sonnen wants to take it to the next level, he needs to take notes from both Atlas and Smith.

We can only hope that this leads to Atlas making an appearance on First Take every chance he can get. America needs that catharsis.


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