Sprint and Jay Z are teaming up in an act of corporate and pop culture synergy.

The phone company says it will offer a ticket to new or current customers who sign up for Tidal trial membership and add a line of service. The other way that you could win two tickets is for customers who activate two or more lines and sign up for a trial membership to Tidal on Saturday, August, 26th.

The tour dates are only available in 9 cities and they are areas where tickets may very well be hard to come by.

  • Las Vegas, Oct. 28th
  • Miami, Nov. 12th
  • Atlanta, Nov. 14th
  • Boston, Nov. 25th
  • Brooklyn, NY Nov. 26th
  • Brooklyn, NY Nov. 27th
  • Washington, DC Nov. 29th
  • Chicago, Dec. 5th
  • San Diego, Dec. 19th
  • Los Angeles, Dec. 21th

It is a not so bold attempt to get many people to sign up for Sprint and Tidal. Considering that Jay Z is still one of the biggest names in all of music, this should move the needle for the phone carrier. It doesn’t hurt that Jay Z is getting involved in more and more side projects, how often he will tour after this remains to be seen.

Exclusivity and corporations. Match made in heaven.

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