Ohio State vs. Michigan is the best rivalry in all of sports. I said it. I threw down the gauntlet. There is a lot of rivalry based hate in sports but nothing compares to when the Buckeyes and Wolverines face off on the football field.

With Ohio State dominating as of late, they have reveled in the fact that they can rub their success in Michigan fans faces. It doesn’t just extend to fans either, it also includes player on player crime as well.

Tight ends’ Jeff Heuerman and Jake Butt both play for the Denver Broncos now but previously they played for Ohio State and Michigan respectively. Butt is a rookie and Heuerman is only in his second year but that doesn’t mean that Heuerman can’t give some good nature razzing to Butt.

Heuerman may have gone over the line when he gave Butt his rookie haircut. The Block “O” is already punishment enough to a former Wolverine. Putting Butt’s record of 0-4 against the Buckeyes should be considered a war crime.

There are roasts and then there are images that will last forever, if you’re an Ohio State fan, you’re never letting go of this moment in time.

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