Junkrat and Roadhog have finally an animated short with a new map to boot.

The popular nefarious Overwatch duo had the community longing for some needed background info for the characters, and boy, did they get some.

In the short, Junkrat and his pal, Roadhog, attempt to get back into “Junkertown” after getting kicked out for stealing from the queen among other crimes. Junkrat devises a ridiculous plan to break back in: Bring a trolly full of stolen gold into the city while wearing disguises, bring it to the town square and blow it up. Junkrat’s affinity for explosions doesn’t suit Roadhog, as he suggests (with a single look) a new plan, which is the same thing, but instead, the two run away from the explosion with cash in hand. Roadhog is the real brains of the operation.

In theory, the plan could work. In execution, Junkrat screws everything up.

Chatting with the security guard in an attempt to get in, Junkrat blows his cover announcing the two’s real identity’s unprompted. It causes the once breakable gate to add multiple new, secure doors. It justifiably causes Roadhog to huff and deliver his only line of dialogue in the short to his partner in crime Junkrat aka “idiot.”

It’s one part Mad Max, one part Looney Tunes, and full-on nuts. It’s funny, gives you more insight into the characters background and behaviors and continues Overwatch‘s impressive streak of making stellar shorts to add more lore to the game.

Plus, Overwatch dropped a new a “Junkertown” escort map.

It’s these kinds of moments which make Overwatch more than a simple MMO. The amount of attention and detail that go with each character is outstanding. Overwatch is constantly updated and never gets stale. I for one, can’t wait to check out this new map and watch the short fifteen more times.

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