High school football differs all over the country but for most states and areas, it is deadly serious. Even though most take it seriously, it doesn’t mean that trickeration isn’t attempted every now and then.

Glynn Academy is a high school in Georgia and they are trying to reinvent the wheel. Or at least adjust it some. They decided to pull out “the worm” a dance move you surely haven’t thought about in a decade plus.

One of their offensive linemen attempted to get the Benedictine defender offsides by doing “the worm” and the result was absolutely terrible.

You can see what they are trying to accomplish here. Heck, they even got a player to make a little movement towards the ball. But if we are being completely honest, the person here is not doing the worm. All he is doing is flopping around on the ground.

Let us see someone try this move again except with the proper dance move. It might work better than what we saw here, it at least can’t get much worse.

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Sam is a self proclaimed chess prodigy. He once placed seventh in the state of Ohio in Chess when he was in kindergarten. He will rarely if ever mention though that only eight people were entered in this tournament. Contact him at sblaze17@gmail.com