Anytime a technology giant tries to come out with a life changing application, make sure that it isn’t already an existing idea.

Online marketplace giant Amazon has unveiled a new program called “Instant Pickup” where shoppers can go and pick up their desired item within two minutes of the order. They are starting mostly on college campuses and areas where people will be on the move.

Techcrunch described the way that Amazon will try to make it their own unique idea:

“Items purchased via Instant Pickup are picked by Amazon employees on site at the pickup points, then loaded into lockers which are closed with a unique code that the buyer receives to retrieve their goods. Prices could be cheaper than via the website for traditional delivery, and Amazon has also considered automating the Instant Pickup points but did not end up doing that for this rollout.”

So for those keeping track at home, this is just another way a company tries to pump up the exclusivity angle. Otherwise, this is a service that Kroger and multiple others already employ.

They currently have locations open in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Berkley, CA, Columbus, OH and College Park, MD.

Whole Foods is a recent purchase of Amazon’s and it makes sense why the jump to this sector of the marketplace is now taking place. Putting their “tech” spin on it does nothing to reshape the market, making the move a curious one.


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