Athletes want to be musicians or actors. Actors want to be musicians or athletes. It is a circular line of thinking that they all partake in. Some are better than others at making the transition. While Lebron James isn’t going to be doing anything but playing basketball anytime soon, he dabbled in some DJ-ing the other night.

He was in a Miami night club spinning tunes and many people were around to document it.

Just stick to basketball #lebronjames#kkngjames#mvp#nba#miamiheat#cavaliers#history#komodo#

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He actually did a solid job at turning the club on its head with his DJ skills. Who knew that he had that in his repertoire?

always Unpredictable at @komodomiami Lounge! Lebron on the 1’s and 2’s #DJMontage @kingjames

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While many would tell you playing YMCA at the club is corny, James can get away with it. And he makes it look cool.

@kingjames playing YMCA during his DJ set @komodomiami because well…..He’s #lebronjames #DJMontage

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Catching James at a club would be a sight to see. Seeing him DJ is a once in a lifetime experience. If acting doesn’t end up working out for him after basketball, we now know where he will turn next.

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